Here you will find the best mouth-watering pictures showing the delicious dishes you can enjoy when traveling to Buenos Aires Argentina, specially in Puerto Madero Restaurants. Note: You can click on a Category on the right panel to show only a subset of the pictures, for example 'Dessert'. Enjoy!


Salami, black olives and fungi Pizza

Buenos Aires is also one of the best places for eating pizza. There are a lot of combinations, and each place adds its own variations. Popular pizzas you can try are the 'Napolitana' (tomato sauce, muzzarella cheese, topped with slices of tomato, garlic), Calabresa (salami or longaniza slices on top of muzzarella cheese), Fugazza (onions and muzzarella cheese), Palmitos (tomato sauce, muzzarella cheese, topped jam, and sliced palmettos with golf sauce (an Argentinian variation of Thousand Island or Russian dressing)).


Argentina BBQ (Parrillada) is by far your best option, to try different things at once!  Chorizo (pork sausage),  morcilla (black sausage), chinchulin, molleja (sweetbread).  Bife the chorizo is great, but you have to try parrillada!


Salami, Olives and Onions Deep Pan Fried Pizza

Guerrin is probably the best place for pizza in Buenos Aires. This is a major accolade in a city where Italian food is so popular and widespread, due to the history of Italian immigration that provides the back bone for much of porteño culture.

Potatoes, Egg and Onions Tortilla

This dish was inherited from the Spanish roots in Argentina, and it is very popular and quite unknown.


500g Steak, "La Caballeriza" Restaurante in "Puerto Madero" (Bife de Chorizo)

Bife de chorizo (sirloin) is really thick, as steaks should be. There are several variants (fried eggs on top, etc.) which will be as good. Steaks are served without sauces, as they should be with top-quality meat; you can try the chimichurri sauce, made with herbs and garlic, which is on all the tables. If you like fillet steak, bife de lomo is also excellent, generously and thickly cut, but at nearly twice the price. You can't tell you went to Argentina and didn't try this!

Pepper Steak (Bife de Chorizo)

The finest cut of beef, and likely to be the highest priced -- though ridiculously inexpensive by international standards -- is Bife de Lomo which equates to Eye Fillet. The most popular cut is Bife de Chorizo, a steak cut off the rib and somewhat similar to Sirloin or Porterhouse. T-bone steak has its equivalent in Bife de Costilla, and is generally enormous.

Patagonia Lamb (Cordero Patagonico)

Calafate, in Santa Cruz Province, has the best restaurants for enjoying this delightful dish, typical of the south. Its flavour is strong, tender and juicy.

"La Caballeriza" Grill Restaurant in "Puerto Madero"

Puerto Madero is a great shopping and dining district in buenos aires. the outdoor mall is right on the river which is very scenic at night. Cabana las Lilas in the Puerto Madero section of Buenos Aires is often cited as the best spot for grilled beefbut you'll find a more authentic dining experience at half the cost just next door at La Caballeriza.

Turnovers (Empanadas)

After BBQ and pizza, empanada is the second most popular food. There are lots of varieties, and each province has its speciality.  It can be made of spicy minced beef, cheese and ham, tuna, corn, onions and other delicious combinations. A must try!

Milanesa Napolitana Completa

Milanesa is a thin piece of breaded meat (usually chicken or beef), with the napolitana part consisting of tomato sauce, ham, melted cheese and tomatoes places on top of it. This dish is very similar to Schnitzel in Germany / Austria.