Here you will find the best mouth-watering pictures showing the delicious dishes you can enjoy when traveling to Buenos Aires Argentina, specially in Puerto Madero Restaurants. Note: You can click on a Category on the right panel to show only a subset of the pictures, for example 'Dessert'. Enjoy!


500g Steak, "La Caballeriza" Restaurante in "Puerto Madero" (Bife de Chorizo)

Bife de chorizo (sirloin) is really thick, as steaks should be. There are several variants (fried eggs on top, etc.) which will be as good. Steaks are served without sauces, as they should be with top-quality meat; you can try the chimichurri sauce, made with herbs and garlic, which is on all the tables. If you like fillet steak, bife de lomo is also excellent, generously and thickly cut, but at nearly twice the price. You can't tell you went to Argentina and didn't try this!